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BMI: News Release (June 4th, 2008)


Sales Lead Management Association Adopts BMI Training and Certification Program for B2B Marketing Professionals

(Chicago, IL 06/04/2008) -- The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), a trade association for marketing and sales professionals, has adopted two online training and certification programs from the Business Marketing Institute to help train and certify its members in the essential principles, skills and practices of effective lead generation and ongoing lead development in business-to-business markets, for companies utilizing major on-demand CRM systems, such as those provided by Oracle (Siebel), SAP,, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and others.

These training and certification programs for marketing professionals, developed by the Business Marketing Institute (BMI) and adopted and endorsed by the SLMA, include the BMI CRM Field Marketing system (CRM-FM) and the BMI Marketing Skills Assessment/Skill-Building/Certification system (MSA/B/C). Both of these new SLMA-endorsed programs help B2B marketing, sales, and product management professionals develop the skills required to execute effective, measurable marketing programs in their companies.

The BMI CRM Field Marketing system (CRM-FM) is an online training and certification system for marketing and sales professionals at companies utilizing on-demand CRM systems provided by major CRM vendors. CRM-FM focuses on developing the skills required to re-engineer company marketing programs to integrate them more effectively with on-demand CRM systems, to convert leads to prospects to customers over the long sales cycles experienced in many companies operating in B2B markets.

The BMI Marketing Skills Assessment/Skill-Building/Certification system (MSA/B/C) is a comprehensive training and certification program to help marketing and product management professionals master the essential skills of marketing execution required to implement effective marketing programs in business-to-business markets.

Both BMI online training programs provide intensive training in the planning, development, execution, and management of the major marketing methods required for successful implementation of B2B marketing plans for lead generation and development. These methods include: Direct mail, print advertising, Internet and online keyword search marketing, trade show execution, video and multimedia, new product launches, and marketing turnaround situations.

"We at the SLMA are pleased to be associated with the Business Marketing Institute," SLMA Executive Director James Obermayer stated, adding: "Our membership craves professional development, and these courses and certifications for lead generation and CRM Field Marketing are important for their personal growth." According to Obermayer, "giving our members access to training of this quality is a benefit of extraordinary value, and the programs offered by the BMI are necessary for marketers who want to grow and stand out from the crowd, and we expect that these courses are just the beginning of a wide range of programs B2B marketers will be offered from the SLMA and BMI."

With the launch of these new programs, SLMA members will also receive discounted rates for each of these BMI professional development programs.

For more information on the Business Marketing Institute (BMI), contact Rick Kean, Managing Director, at (312) 371-5663 (e-mail: rkean @, or visit our Web site:

For more information on the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), contact James Obermayer, SLMA Executive Director, at (714) 637-6989 (e-mail: or visit the SLMA Web site:

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