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The MSA/B/C™ System: Getting Marketing Back to Making Sales


The MSA/B/C™ System:

Assessing, Training, and Certifying the Marketing Skills that Generate Sales and New Business for Your Company

Effective execution of critical marketing programs is often the difference between success or failure in highly-competitive business-to-business markets.

The MSA/B/C System helps marketing, sales, and product management professionals in companies of all sizes build and certify the essential skills they need to plan, execute, and manage the marketing programs that generate measurable sales response, providing marketing professionals with the practical and proven training they need to run successful business-to-business marketing programs.

For corporate marketing professionals, the MSA/B/C System trains and reinforces the proven skills of marketing execution for the critical marketing projects that build sales and new business for your company.

For product managers, engineers, field sales reps, or IT professionals without prior marketing experience, the MSA/B/C System is an invaluable tool for rapid training of your company’s professional non-marketing staff selected for advancement to marketing management positions. MSA/B/C accelerated training and certification provides these staff members with a rapid, comprehensive way to learn the skills they need to perform competently and effectively in your company’s marketing program.

For corporate HR or training professionals, the MSA/B/C System is an excellent tool for assessing the level of practical marketing knowledge held by applicants for key marketing positions, and provides your company with a ready path to training your company’s valued marketing staff in the skills and principles of successful marketing execution.

The MSA/B/C System is an effective, industry-recognized tool for assessing, training, and certifying the level of professional business-to-business marketing knowledge of the core marketing practices and skills required to develop and execute marketing programs that generate sales leads and open new business opportunities for your company.

MSA/B/C System Contents

The BMI MSA/B/C system consists of three parts:

The Marketing Skills Assessment (MSA), an initial assessment of basic business-to-business marketing knowledge;

The Marketing Skills Builder (MSB), a comprehensive training program, with study guide, that tests, corrects, and develops the range of knowledge required for competence in marketing management;

Marketing Skills Certification (MSC), the BMI's industry-recognized professional certification credential for business marketing professionals

BMI Marketing Skills Assessment: How Much Do Your Company's Marketing Managers Know?

The first module of the BMI professional development system, the BMI Marketing Skills Assessment (MSA) , measures the marketing manager's background knowledge, skill levels, and overall competency in the broad spectrum of marketing-related planning, development, execution, and management of virtually all of the most commonly-used projects and procedures used in business-to-business marketing.

The MSA module combines comprehensive, in-depth "best practices" marketing-related learning content in a Web-based training system to assess the respondent's background knowledge and essential skills required for on-the-job competency and success in business-to-business marketing.

The BMI MSA module measures specific, real-world knowledge that is valuable , relevant, and essential to business-to-business marketers, not generalized textbook marketing theories or principles. Marketing managers who take the MSA are tested for their knowledge and understanding of the practical marketing skills they must possess to adequately plan, execute, and manage marketing programs for companies selling their products to other companies in high technology, industrial, manufacturing, services, and other business-to-business markets.

BMI Marketing Skills Builder (MSB)

The BMI Marketing Skills Builder (MSB) is a comprehensive training program for marketing managers, product managers, and others who must develop, execute, and manage business-to-business marketing programs.

With the MSB, marketing managers receive a practical training program that helps them significantly improve their marketing execution and real-world marketing management skills, while requiring a minimum amount of time away from their essential day-to-day responsibilities.

Topics covered in the MSB include:

• Marketing plan evaluation and development;
• Print advertising programs;
• Marketing deliverables: Copy, layout, and execution;
• Direct mail: Planning, testing, development and execution;
• Trade show planning, promotion, and execution;
• Web site development;
• Public relations;
• Market testing;
• Video and multimedia;
• New product launches, start-ups, and sales turnaround situations

When using the MSB, marketing managers can work quickly to build their marketing-related knowledge at the question/answer level, or the broader topic level, or they can move sequentially through the content like a course, at their own speed: They decide when they are ready to move on, or they can repeat the process to build their knowledge in specific topic areas.

Unlike other training programs, the BMI Marketing Skills Builder focuses on improving the skills of marketing execution which is often the most important factor in the success of B2B marketing programs.

BMI Marketing Skills Certification (MSC)

The third module, Marketing Skills Certification (MSC), is the professional certification examination of the Business Marketing Institute, the business-to-business marketing profession's most recognized professional certification standard for marketing managers.

MSC tests the marketing manager's background knowledge and skills assessed and developed by their use of the MSA and MSB modules in the MSA/B/C system. MSC tests for knowledge of the core “mission critical” skills required for professional-level competency in planning, development, and execution of business-to-business marketing programs.

A test-taker's passing-level test score (90%) on the MSC examination awards MSC certification, an industry-recognized credential for business-to-business marketing professionals.

While both the Marketing Skills Assessment (MSA) and Marketing Skills Builder (MSB) are study and practice tools used in preparation for the MSC examination, test-takers may elect to take the MSC examination without prior use of the MSA/MSB tools.

The BMI Marketing Skills Assessment and Marketing Skills Builder are based on the Business Marketing Institute's printed study guide, The Marketing Manager's Handbook , the source content courseware for BMI's assessment, training, and certification programs. This study guide is a comprehensive 512-page desktop reference covering the practical, proven methods required for sales success in every type of marketing activity required in business-to-business marketing programs for companies in industrial, technology, and service markets.

The Marketing Manager's Handbook is included with the combined MSA/MSB skills assessment and skill-building program available from the Business Marketing Institute.

On-Site Training

One- and two-day comprehensive MSA/B/C training courses are also available for corporate users and groups. Please contact us for further information.

There is No Substitute for Knowledge

The cost of having your marketing managers receive the best available assessment and training to measure their knowledge and improve their marketing skills is far less than the cost of running marketing programs that fail to generate sales response. The Business Marketing Institute's MSA and MSB assessment and training programs are your least expensive tools for insuring the best possible training for your company's marketing staff.

In today's competitive markets, successful marketers are valued and rewarded by their knowledge rather than by their seniority or pedigree. And more than ever, they need the knowledge and tools to create and implement programs that will dramatically affect their company's bottom line. Companies must insure their marketing managers possess the specialized business-to-business marketing knowledge and execution skills required to implement successful, sales-generating marketing programs, and to prevent knowledge-related problems in marketing programs before they occur.

Knowledge and skill mean the difference between sales success and failure in your company's marketing program. And essential, relevant, targeted assessment and training can make a good marketing manager even more skilled, productive and successful in executing your company's marketing activities. The more useful, applied marketing knowledge and skills held by your marketing staff, the greater the chances they will develop and execute marketing programs that increase your company's sales, open new markets, and build your company's market share.

And there is no better way to build this knowledge and skill than by using BMI's knowledge assessment and skill building tools, the industry's first and only standardized assessment, training, and certification system for business-to-business marketing professionals.

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