On BMI Project-Ready Marketing Skills Delivery (MSD) Training
What does “project-ready” training mean?

BMI Marketing Skills Delivery™ (MSD) project-ready training modules provide concise training, with each module targeted to each of the crucial marketing activities that comprise B2B lead generation and prospect conversion marketing programs.

BMI training modules get you up to speed quickly on the specific training topic, by focusing on the proven, step-by-step practices required to successfully execute the specific marketing activities comprising each project.

Once the user has completed a training module and has received a passing score in MSA/B/C, our online learning management system, they will possess the knowledge and understanding required to competently plan, execute, and manage the project covered by the training.

How is BMI training different from other online marketing courses?

Other available online marketing courses focus on consumer-oriented marketing instead of B2B, or they focus on top-level academic theories not relevant to the needs of B2B marketing and sales professionals. BMI project-ready training focuses exclusively on the specialized conditions found in business-to-business marketing, where a sales team in one company sells its product or service to a prospect in another company, where this product or service will be utilized by this company in its operations.

BMI training is also unique in that it taps the knowledge of industry B2B marketing professionals to focus on the how of B2B marketing execution: How to produce and execute marketing programs that generate meaningful response in B2B markets, by providing instruction in the proven techniques for implementing marketing programs that generate sales leads, and for converting these sales leads into paying customers during the long and often complex sales cycles found in in many B2B sales cycles.

How do I use BMI training?

BMI training is Web-based, and can be accessed from any desktop computer or tablet through each user's own, secure, training account. Users are provided with a printed study guide workbook covering the training module topic, a video review providing a comprehensive presentation of the module's content, and an online tool for assessment, skill-building, and examination to test for mastery of the topic once completed. The study guide, video review, and online tool work together to help the user gain a thorough understanding of the module topic and the important steps and principles required to successfully develop and execute the marketing program covered by the topic.

Who can use BMI training?

BMI training can be used by many members of a company's marketing, sales, and product management teams. Marketing managers, product managers, and sales professionals use BMI training to execute and manage all of the projects comprising their marketing program. These include both online digital marketing activities such as e-mail and pay-per-click campaigns, and other activities, such as content-based marketing, trade shows, advertising programs and ongoing prospect-to-customer conversion programs using marketing automation and CRM systems.

BMI training is also used to cross-train engineers and others without prior marketing management experience in the essential skills required to execute and manage B2B marketing programs, when these individuals are assigned marketing or product management-related functions within a company.

How long does BMI training take to complete?

Each BMI training module can be completed in approximately 2-3 days or less. There are no time limits in BMI training, and users can take as long as they wish to complete BMI training.

How do I access BMI training online?

Users are assigned their own secure BMI training account for access to the training modules they have selected. Once logged on from any desktop PC or tablet, users can access the online training, video review, assessment, and examination tool at any time.

Can BMI training help me even if our marketing projects are implemented by our company's outside ad agency?

Yes—BMI training provides the background guidance and practical knowledge marketing, sales, and product management professionals need to manage the process of marketing execution for projects implemented by ad agencies, consultants, design firms, copywriters, and others involved in the company's marketing program. BMI training gives in-house managers the essential background guidance they need to not only manage these projects, but to insure that the marketing deliverables, collateral, sales copy, or other final work products developed by these outside firms will contain the elements necessary to generate solid, measurable response in the final marketing project.

Is your training suitable for both large and small companies?

Yes. BMI course content features skills training in the practical techniques that are applicable to companies of any size, and has been used successfully in companies ranging from early-stage start-ups, to mid-sized companies, and in large companies serving international markets.

I'm in the _____ industry. Can BMI training help us?

BMI project-ready training is applicable to any type of company serving any business-to-business (B2B) market—industrial, manufacturing, business services, IT/technology, construction, healthcare, etc. The core principles and how-to content provided in B2B training apply to companies of all sizes, in any of these fields.

Who endorses BMI training?

As the B2B marketing field's oldest, most well-established training program, BMI training courseware and content is endorsed and utilized by the Business Marketing Association, the Penn State Institute for the Study of Business Markets, and the Sales Lead Management Association. Click here for more background history on BMI.

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