Project-Ready Training for Effective Lead Generation, Sales Team Support, and Efficient Prospect-to-Customer Conversion

Web-based BMI Marketing Skills Delivery™ (MSD) training covers the entire scope of marketing tactics and strategies required to develop effective marketing campaigns for any company selling B2B products or services. BMI training modules provide you and your marketing team with step-by-step training in the proven techniques and practices required to execute marketing projects that generate meaningful sales leads, and ongoing content and marketing automation campaigns that efficiently convert prospects into customers during the long and often complex B2B sales cycles in business, technical, and industrial markets.

With BMI, you get the practical training you need to execute marketing programs that turn your marketing into an investment in higher sales.

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Practical, Proven Training
To generate measurable response from every B2B marketing project

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Real-World Results
Get control of your marketing program and generate measurable ROI from every marketing project
Practical online training based on proven techniques used in real-world B2B marketing programs
Comprehensive, step-by-step training for success in every B2B marketing project
BMI Training Covers All of These Critical B2B Marketing Activities:

Utilize inbound marketing strategies and tactics to generate new sales leads, using your company's Web site, pay-per-click keyword search, trade shows, targeted direct mail, and other marketing projects.
Click here to view BMI lead generation modules.

Develop problem-solving content to position your company and its sales team as trusted advisors, to attract new prospects and accelerate their progress in their buying cycle. Click here to view BMI content-based marketing modules.

Develop CRM and marketing automation-based sales lead conversion programs, utilizing content and targeted promotions, to efficiently convert prospects into customers. Click here to view BMI prospect-to-customer conversion modules.

Utilize agile marketing strategies, plans, and tactics for fast execution of time-critical marketing projects for new product launches, start-ups, pivots, and sales turnaround situations. Click here to view BMI agile marketing modules.

BMI module contents
Each project-ready BMI training module contains:
Online Skill Builder
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Our three-part online training program provides a quick assessment of your initial baseline knowledge of the module topic, an interactive training section to build and reinforce key concepts and practices based on the printed workbook content, and a final certification section to validate your understanding of the material covered in the course topic, including a review and explanation of questions answered incorrectly during each session.

Printed Workbook
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Printed workbook and study guide covers essential principles of each module topic, and provides comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for planning, development, execution, measurement, evaluation, and modification of marketing activities covered under this topic.

Video Review
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A useful supplement to the printed workbook, this video review provides a detailed presentation of the module topic content, emphasizing the key principles and important practices required for successful execution of the marketing activity.

Our guarantee
Get control of your marketing program with BMI project-ready training

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