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On-Demand CRM and
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Better Marketing Programs, Through Better Integration With Critical On-Demand CRM Features, With CRM-FM

On-demand CRM is a revolutionary tool for improving the productivity and efficiency of your company’s sales process, but sales teams using on-demand CRM require an increased level of effort, support, and measurable new performance from their company’s marketing programs to maximize these benefits.

Lead Generation: Generating Measurable Sales Response is the Marketing Professional’s First Step to Achieving Success, Utilizing On-Demand CRM

Leads are the basis for utilizing on-demand CRM in company sales teams, but smart marketing and sales support professionals in companies using on-demand CRM know that leads don’t materialize inside of on-demand CRM: Lead generation is the first and most important step in the process of using on-demand CRM to increase top-line sales revenue, and effective lead generation begins with developing marketing programs designed from the ground up to generate measurable sales response—inquiries, contacts, and interest from potential prospects that is the essential foundation successfully integrating on-demand CRM into business-to-business marketing programs.

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On-Demand CRM and B2B Marketing Programs: The major activities executed in business-to-business marketing programs for lead generation and lead development, integrated with features of major on-demand CRM systems


The CRM Field Marketing (CRM-FM) system provides extensive coverage of the hands-on skills required to develop, produce, and execute front-end lead generation marketing programs, integrated with on-demand CRM, optimized to generate solid, measurable sales response. Using proven techniques of clear presentation, the CRM-FM system is the most effective way for you and your marketing team to learn the skills required to develop marketing programs that get results in on-demand CRM, across the broad range of marketing programs and activities required in your marketing plan.

Courseware content in the CRM-FM system addresses the important major areas where on-demand CRM integrates with your company’s marketing program to meet your sales team’s critical lead generation requirements:

Lead generation: Tracking and measuring sales response (leads) from marketing programs (on-demand CRM campaigns);

Lead tracking and capture: Manual and online lead capture, tracking, and measurement;

Online lead generation: Development, execution, and management of Google AdWords programs, integrated with on-demand CRM;

on-demand CRM Document Library: Developing effective field marketing deliverables for use by company sales teams;

Marketing measurement: Key marketing measurements used for campaigns in on-demand CRM

With the CRM-FM system, you gain the essential skills you need to optimize every aspect of every part of your marketing program to generate solid, measurable sales response in on-demand CRM, and the practical knowledge required to integrate your marketing plan with the key features in on-demand CRM, to increase the return and measurability of your company’s marketing program.

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Lead Development: Effective Marketing Programs, Utilizing On-Demand CRM to Increase Conversions and Improve Sales Efficiency

The lead tracking and measurement features of on-demand CRM are its most powerful capabilities for sales teams using on-demand CRM. Here, after leads are generated, marketing plays a critical role by developing programs to support the ongoing effort by your sales team as they work with their prospects to make the case for your company and its products, during the long time periods which are typical in most B2B sales cycles.

This post-lead generation marketing effort, called lead development, consists of specialized marketing and sales support activities utilizing on-demand CRM communications, tracking, and measurement features.

Smart marketing and sales professionals in companies using on-demand CRM realize their job doesn’t end with lead generation alone: Leads must be developed, with the application of ongoing lead development programs to help each of their company’s sales reps as they work with the prospect to answer key product questions and issues, to help the prospect develop their buying requirements, and work to achieve “buy in” from other influencers at the prospect’s company. This is accomplished by lead development—“the marketing program after the marketing program”—a long-term series of communications by e-mail, direct mail, and other conventional marketing methods to establish your sales rep as a “trusted advisor,” and position your product as the best solution to the prospect’s problem.

Lead development is a critical part of every business-to-business marketing program, but marketing programs in many companies—even those already using on-demand CRM—do not have lead development programs in place to support their company’s sales teams during the months (or years) of the typical B2B sales cycle.

The CRM-FM system provides comprehensive coverage of the techniques required to implement these specialized lead development programs in your company, using on-demand CRM:

Editorial content development for lead development programs: Discovering and developing the unique strategic knowledge and product attributes possessed by your company, which can be utilized for deliverables (below) and programs in lead development to uniquely position your company with prospects during the sales cycle;

Effective execution of information deliverables for lead development: Development of specialized editorial information deliverables—white papers, case studies, applications briefs, etc.—used in e-mail messaging for lead development in on-demand CRM, both in ongoing marketing programs, and for on-demand use by your company’s sales team in CRM document storage;

Execution, measurement, and ongoing adaptation of specialized marketing activities in lead development: E-mail messaging, autoresponders, and highly targeted marketing efforts to support “triggering event” selling opportunities occurring on a one-to-one basis with individual prospects

The CRM-FM system provides complete coverage of these critical skill areas in lead development for marketing professionals, addressing the major marketing activities required to plan, develop, execute, and measure lead development programs in your company.

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Sales Support, Product Launches, and New Business Development

In addition to lead generation and lead development, sales support is a critical job responsibility for most B2B marketing professionals. Sales support includes all of the lead development activities required to help your company’s sales team in their efforts to close sales with prospects, as well as coordination with senior sales and business development staffs to close major sales accounts and develop new business opportunities for the company, such as joint ventures, co-marketing/co-distribution deals, new product launches, and other major business initiatives.

Companies using on-demand CRM for communication, tracking, coordination and management of sales support and business development opportunities require active support from their marketing teams in the following areas which are addressed in depth by content and training provided by the CRM-FM system:

• Competent, rapid execution of specialized marketing projects required to support major new business initiatives, such as joint ventures, co-marketing, product launches, and distribution deals;

• Close coordination with company sales teams for all activities in company marketing programs, tied to the goals of generating sales response and increased prospect-to-customer conversion rates, through solid, timely execution of on-demand CRM campaigns;

• Development of expedient “field marketing deliverables” to support company sales teams and major high-level selling opportunities

There is no greater responsibility for any marketing professional than sales support. Competent, effective demonstration and practice of the knowledge and skills required to help your company’s sales team close more sales and win more major new business deals is the single most important contribution of any marketing professional to their company. For companies using on-demand CRM, CRM-FM training and certification provides you and your marketing staff with the background knowledge you need to utilize on-demand CRM in your sales support activities.

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