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Real Marketing: The Skills You Need for B2B Marketing Success:
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On-Demand CRM and The New Marketing Model
On-Demand CRM and
The New Marketing Model:

Keys to optimizing lead generation and lead development with on-demand CRM and your marketing program (38 pages, .PDF format)

B2B Marketing, Aligned With Sales: Make It Happen With CRM Field Marketing


Marketing Integration with On-Demand CRM: Getting Your Marketing Team Up To Speed and Aligned With Your Company’s Sales Team

BMI CRM Field Marketing (CRM-FM) training and certification integrates the critical areas of business-to-business marketing with the functional areas of on-demand CRM to improve the presentation, execution, and sales response of your company’s marketing program, and the integration of marketing with sales in your company.

CRM-FM Builds Strong, Measurable Sales Response for Effective Lead Generation

On-demand CRM brings a high level of measurability to sales, but measurability only occurs when marketing deliverables and on-demand CRM campaigns motivate readers, viewers, and Web searchers to respond to the campaign. The CRM-FM system provides intensive training in the practical skills required to develop on-demand CRM campaigns optimized to generate maximum sales response—sales leads—the basis of every company’s sales effort.

Effective Marketing Presentation and Execution for Lead Generation

The Web-based CRM-FM system covers the proven, practical methods for planning, developing and executing on-demand CRM campaigns for all of the major marketing activities used in B2B marketing programs—from executing successful B2B direct mail, print advertising, and trade show programs, to developing effective Google AdWords lead generation keyword search marketing programs.

Lead Development with On-Demand CRM in Your Company's Sales Cycle

Business-to-business marketing programs do not end after the lead is generated by the ad, mailing or other on-demand CRM campaign. With CRM-FM training and certification, on-demand CRM empowers marketing professionals to work with their company’s sales teams to run effective lead development programs that help their company’s sales professionals as they work with and listen to their prospects to develop the case that positions their company’s product or service as the best solution to the prospect’s unique business, technical, or application-related problem.

With the help of engaged marketing professionals utilizing skilled lead development with on-demand CRM, this is how today’s successful sales operations use marketing techniques to close more sales, keep customer satisfaction high, and position their companies as leaders in their field.

Marketing that is a Measurable Investment, Not a Risk

In addition to developing clearly-presented and effectively executed marketing programs, CRM-FM training and certification trains you and your marketing staff in the critical aspects of using on-demand CRM to measure response and return from on-demand CRM campaigns. As on-demand CRM campaigns generate leads, and as leads become buyers during your company’s sales cycle, on-demand CRM and the CRM-FM system help your company measure the return on its marketing investment, changing your marketing program from a risk into an investment in higher sales and business growth.

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