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Real Marketing: The Skills You Need for B2B Marketing Success:
Overview of the core principles and techniques covered in the BMI MSA/B/C System (47 pages, .PDF format)

On-Demand CRM and The New Marketing Model
On-Demand CRM and
The New Marketing Model:

Keys to optimizing lead generation and lead development with on-demand CRM and your marketing program (38 pages, .PDF format)

The CRM Field Marketing (CRM-FM) System: Aligning Marketing to On-Demand CRM

More Effective, Measurable B2B Marketing Programs: Make It Happen With On-Demand CRM and the CRM-FM System

The Business Marketing Institute’s CRM Field Marketing (CRM-FM) Assessment, Skill Building, and Certification program is a Web-based system that trains and certifies the important hands-on principles, skills, and techniques marketing professionals need to utilize on-demand CRM to run proven, effective, business-to-business lead generation, lead development, and sales support marketing programs.

The CRM-FM system provides in-depth training and certification in the critical skills required to execute all of the major marketing activities which comprise business-to-business marketing programs today: Execution of targeted direct mail testing for lead generation; developing print advertising campaigns that generate sales response; planning and executing trade shows, developing Google AdWords keyword search programs, and more.

The CRM-FM system: Integrating B2B marketing programs with the power of on-demand CRM

The CRM-FM system is a complete, comprehensive online training and certification program that addresses all of the major marketing activities that are a part of B2B marketing programs, and, most important—the critical areas where these marketing activities are integrated, executed, managed, and measured, using on-demand CRM.

Content and courseware in the CRM-FM system is compatible with, and applies to, the major application areas utilized in all on-demand CRM systems for lead generation and lead development offered by the most popular CRM vendors, including Oracle (Siebel CRM On Demand), SAP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and*

Utilizing On-Demand CRM Campaigns for Effective Lead Generation and Lead Development

The CRM-FM system provides extensive coverage of the major functional practice areas where business-to-business marketing programs utilize on-demand CRM to execute, measure, and improve the efficiency of the marketing and sales process.

From development and execution of key lead generation marketing activities (on-demand CRM campaigns), to ongoing measurement, lead development, and critical sales team support during your company’s sales process, the CRM-FM system gets marketing, product, and sales professionals up to speed and using on-demand CRM to boost lead generation and conversions by developing marketing programs specifically designed to utilize the powerful communication, execution, and measurement capabilities in on-demand CRM.

Content covered in the CRM-FM system (above, right) addresses the major types of marketing activities executed as campaigns in on-demand CRM (above, left), and their integration with on-demand CRM

Who Can Benefit from CRM-FM Online Training and Certification?

Marketing managers, product managers, sales professionals, and sales support staff—any marketing professional involved in planning and hands-on execution of business-to-business marketing programs, sales support, and business development in your company—can utilize the CRM-FM system to learn and master the skills required to utilize on-demand CRM for executing more effective marketing and lead development programs.

How It Works

The CRM Field Marketing System consists of three Web-based modules:

CRM Field Marketing Assessment (FM-A) assesses baseline knowledge of the background principles and skill required to plan, develop, and execute effective, sales-oriented business-to-business marketing programs, and sets a benchmark for the user’s current level of knowledge and familiarity with principles required for success utilizing on-demand CRM.

FM-A provides a snapshot view of each users’ initial, “Day One” knowledge and skill level, and is a useful benchmark for measuring improvement developed by completing the CRM-FM skill-building (FM-B) and certification (FM-C) modules (see below);

CRM Field Marketing Skill-Builder (FM-B) is a comprehensive, 15-part Web-based training program covering the wide range of practical, proven marketing areas for business-to-business lead generation and lead development, utilizing on-demand CRM. The FM-B module builds practical skills for marketing, sales, and product management professionals at all experience levels in the application of on-demand CRM to each of these critical marketing areas in your company:

• Integrating business-to-business marketing programs with on-demand CRM;

• Clear presentation and copy skills to develop response-generating marketing deliverables in on-demand CRM campaigns;

• Producing expedient field marketing deliverables for effective sales support;

• Planning, developing, and executing targeted B2B direct mail programs using on-demand CRM

• Developing content for effective lead development programs;

• Executing Google AdWords keyword text advertising programs;

• Key marketing measurements and on-demand CRM;

• New product launches, market testing, and sales turnaround situations

(For a detailed listing of content covered in the CRM-FM system, click here)

Printed study guide: The CRM-FM System includes a 510-page printed workbook, The CRM Field Marketing Handbook, a comprehensive study guide which documents the training content of the online CRM-FM System. This study guide workbook is provided to each CRM-FM user and is each CRM-FM users’ essential print desktop reference for planning, developing, and executing every type of on-demand CRM marketing campaign for your company.

CRM Field Marketing Certification (FM-C) tests and certifies the critical knowledge required to utilize on-demand CRM in business-to-business marketing programs. Containing courseware content based on the BMI’s MSA/B/C System and endorsed by the Business Marketing Association (BMA), the industry’s largest trade association for B2B marketing professionals, on-demand CRM FM-C certifies the user’s knowledge of the principles, skills, and techniques developed using the CRM-FM System.

FM-C certification in the CRM Field Marketing system, which requires a 90% or higher completion score for certification, is management’s assurance in your company that marketing, sales and product management professionals have attained a solid understanding of the content, principles, and skills required for success in utilizing on-demand CRM for effective execution of business-to-business marketing programs.

Web-Based Training to Meet the Needs of Busy Marketing Professionals in Companies Using On-Demand CRM Systems

All three modules of the CRM-FM system are taken in a Web-based BMI training account established for each user, and can be completed according to each user’s own time schedule to meet the needs of busy marketing, product, and sales support professionals. A typical CRM-FM user should be able to study, assess, practice and certify in the CRM-FM system in 2-3 weeks. Each user’s training account is activated for 90 days to allow sufficient time for completion and certification.

For a comprehensive listing of content and topics covered in the CRM-FM system, click here;

To download the Table of Contents of The CRM Field Marketing Handbook (.PDF format), click here...


* Courseware and content provided in CRM-FM training does not provide in-depth user-level training or certification in specific functions or features of any single CRM system, and is not intended to replace training or certification provided by your CRM vendor. For information on user training for these systems, check with your CRM vendor.

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