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On-Demand CRM and
The New Marketing Model:

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Content Overview: The MSA/B/C™ System


Content Topic Highlights: The MSA/B/C™ System

Marketing: Planning and Principles

Role of salesmanship in marketing • Role of execution in marketing • Background training and knowledge requirements for marketing managers • Identifying and understanding key marketing principles and objectives• Reality in marketing • Creativity and the marketing process • Role of branding in B-to-B marketing • Importance of knowledge of "marketing tradecraft" for marketing managers • Developing your company's marketing plan • Your marketing assessment • Most effective B-to-B marketing tools • Determining the marketing mix • Sample marketing plan • Budgeting for the marketing plan • Planning beyond your plan • The marketing mix: Determining your company's best marketing media and tools • Common real-world marketing scenarios

Advertising and Marketing Deliverables: Content, Copy and Execution

Determining your product's most compelling sales benefits • Sales copywriting approaches and presentation • Advertising: Planning and research • Debriefing your company's sales reps • Competitive analysis and assessment • Identifying ads that work • Managing the copywriting process • Elements of effective advertising • How your prospects see your advertising • Graphic design and advertising • Calls to action and promotional appeals • Ad creative development and production • Copy, layout, and execution of effective ads and marketing deliverables

B-to-B Direct Mail: Planning, Testing, and Execution

Mailing list sources • Assessment and selection of mailing lists • Developing self-compiled mailing lists• Selecting third-party rented mailing lists • Direct mail package elements and selection • Determining the best mailing piece for a mailing • Outlining and writing sales letter copy • B-to-B direct mail premiums and promotions • Testing, response tracking, and analysis • Troubleshooting direct mail programs • Tactical direct mail projects for typical B-to-B applications • Sales inquiry generation using direct mail • Direct mail production: Timing and mechanics • Direct mail package selection, copy, and development

Trade Print Advertising: Planning, Development and Execution

Planning effective print advertising programs • Working with your ad agency • Determining ad page sizes, options, and frequency • Assessing and selecting publications • Testing new advertising programs • Trade media placement techniques • Ad positions and editorial placements • Production and tracking • Space reservations and submissions

Web Site Planning, Design, and Execution

Planning your company's Internet strategy • The Web spectrum: Types of B-to-B Web sites • Web site navigation, design, and production basics for marketing managers • Keys to developing sales-oriented business Web sites • Web prototype development • Web site templates • Web multimedia options: Using Flash, video, and audio effectively • Developing B-to-B e-mail site newsletters and site visitor communications programs • Marketing materials and your company's Web site • Testing, staging, and launching new Web sites

Trade Show Marketing: Planning, Production, and Execution

Evaluating trade show opportunities • Trade show timing and planning • Selecting optimal trade show booth sizes and locations • Pre-show planning, promotion and execution • Developing effective trade show backdrops, signage, and deliverables • Driving qualified prospects to your booth • Booth signage, video, and deliverables • Trade show logistics

Public Relations

How trade and industry news is made • Using PR in your marketing program • Deciding what makes news in your company • PR programs for typical B-to-B news events • Thinking like an editor • Press release writing basics for marketing managers • Developing media contact lists • Working with a PR firm • PR program execution

Video and Multimedia Planning, Production, and Execution

Typical B-to-B video applications • Elements of effective B-to-B video projects •How to select a video producer • Managing the video production process • Using video as a corporate marketing and sales tool • Writing the script: What marketing managers should know • Basic sales video script structure • Visual elements in sales videos

Marketing for New Product Launches, Start-Ups, and Turnaround Situations

Conducting a market gap analysis for new product launch or start-up • Examining what went wrong: Common causes of poor sales response • Troubleshooting and correcting problems in underperforming marketing deliverables and programs• Crisis marketing • Addressing product, distribution, and market size problems

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