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BMI: News Release (March 18th, 2008)


New Marketing Process Utilizes on-demand CRM CRM for More Effective Lead Generation and Lead Development in B2B Marketing Programs

(Chicago, IL 03/18/2008) The CRM Field Marketing (CRM-FM™) system, developed by the Business Marketing Institute, helps marketing, sales and product management professionals in companies using on-demand CRM re-engineer their company’s marketing programs to integrate them with on-demand CRM, using principles and techniques in the New Marketing Model, a new process for better B2B marketing programs, developed by the Business Marketing Institute (BMI).

The New Marketing Model is a business marketing re-engineering process that helps companies optimize their marketing programs (called campaigns in on-demand CRM) for higher efficiency and productivity, to generate measurable sales leads in on-demand CRM, and to maximize the conversion of these leads to prospects, opportunities, and customers during the company’s sales cycle, utilizing the key contact management and measurement features in on-demand CRM.

The enhanced productivity, efficiency, and measurement capabilities on-demand CRM brings to the sales process often prompt changes to B2B marketing programs, to improve their effectiveness in generating sales leads from potential prospects who respond to the print ads, mailings, trade shows, Google AdWords keyword search advertising, and other activities executed in B2B marketing programs.

While on-demand CRM provides powerful capabilities for sales and marketing professionals to measure the return from marketing programs, measurability is only the end result of a far more extensive process, defined in the New Marketing Model, of developing on-demand CRM campaigns that are optimized from the ground up to generate measurable response, and then developing ongoing lead development programs to support the sales team by increasing conversions during the company’s sales cycle.

This new process of more effective lead generation and lead development optimized for on-demand CRM, defined in the New Marketing Model, has been incorporated into the Business Marketing Institute CRM Field Marketing (CRM-FM) system, a comprehensive assessment, training, and certification system that helps marketing, sales, and product management professionals attain proficiency and competence in utilizing on-demand CRM to increase the sales response of their business marketing programs.

A new eBook available from the BMI Web site, on-demand CRM and The New Marketing Model, provides an overview of this new marketing process, and of the content described in the CRM Field Marketing system. This 39-page eBook can be downloaded free from the BMI Web site ( or from this link.

For more information on the CRM-FM system, visit the Business Marketing Institute Web site at: (, or call Rick Kean, BMI Managing Director, at (312) 371-5663 (e-mail:

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