Unit 12: E-Mail Lead Development: Editorial
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E-Mail Lead Development Programs: Developing Effective E-Mail Content for Lead Development Programs

Elements of Successful E-Mail Lead Development Programs 12-2

Major Types of E-Mail Messaging Programs for Lead Development 12-3

E-Mail Message Templates for Every Selling Situation 12-6

• Sales Letter and Message Template Examples 12-7

• Guidelines for Writing E-Mail Sales Letter Templates 12-8

• Uploading Sales Message Templates to the on-demand CRM Document Library 12-9

Editorial E-Mail 12-10

• The Importance of Being a Thought Leader 12-10

• Benefits of an Editorial E-Mail Messaging Program 12-11

I: Recognizing Your Company’s Special Expertise: “Show What You Know” 12-11

• Finding and Developing Content for Editorial E-Mail Messaging Programs:

• Where to Look and How to Start 12-14

• Examples of Editorial E-Mail Message Programs 12-15

II: Developing Your Company’s Expertise to Create Editorial E-Mail Messaging Programs: “Show What You Know” 12-16

• Observing Your Industry’s Issues, Trends, and Motivations 12-16

• Finding and Evaluating Available Content for Your Editorial E-Mail Program 12-18

• Sources Within Your Company 12-19

• B2B Editorial Examples 12-20

• Developing Editorial Content for Your E-Mail Messaging Program 12-21

• Editorial E-Mail Formats 12-21

• Editorial Content Formats 12-22

• E-Mail Message Formats 12-23

• E-Mail Message Formats: Which Format to Use? 12-25

Developing Content Targeted to Other Decision-Makers at the Prospect’s Company 12-25

Writing and Producing Content for Your Editorial E-Mail Messaging Program 12-26

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