Unit 11: Google AdWords Keyword Advertising
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Keyword Search Advertising: Generating Keyword Search Leads With Google AdWords

Google AdWords Keyword Search Advertising 11-2

Google AdWords: An Overview 11-4

• AdWords Elements and Terminology 11-5

Developing Content-Based Premiums: The Starting Point for Effective AdWords Search Marketing Programs in B2B 11-8

• What Do Your Prospects Want, and What Does Your Company Know that Gives Prospects What They Want? 11-9

1.) Defining Your Potential Prospect’s Wants, Problems, and Issues 11-10

2.) Assessing and Presenting What Your Company Knows that Solves Your Potential Prospect’s Problem 11-11

3.) Developing Content that Motivates Searchers to Become Prospects 11-13

4.) Finding the Keywords Your Potential Prospects Use to Search for Products Like Yours, or Problems Solved by Your Product 11-14

Developing and Discovering Keywords to Use in Your Search Marketing Program 11-15

• Keywords Describing Your Product 11-16

• Keywords Describing the Problem Solved by Your Product 11-17

• Keywords for Market Segments and Specialized Applications 11-18

• Creating Keyword Lists and Organizing them into Keyword Stacks 11-19

• Specifying Keyword Variations 11-20

• Using Google’s Keyword Tool 11-22

Writing and Placing Text Ads for Google AdWords Programs 11-23

• Google Text Ad Format 11-24

• Writing Google Text Ads 11-24

• How to Begin: Write Copy for the Product, the Premium, or the Problem 11-25

• Text Ad Examples: Product, Premium, and Problem 11-25

• Google Text Ad Copywriting, Targeting, and Execution Tips 11-27

Developing Landing Pages for Google AdWords Lead-Generation Programs 11-29
Thank You Page 11-31

Tracking AdWords Conversions: Adding on-demand CRM “Web-to-Lead” Tracking to Your Landing Pages 11-31

Executing AdWords Keyword Search Marketing Programs 11-33

Overview: Checklist for Setting Up and Running a New Google AdWords Ad Group 11-33

Troubleshooting Low Response in AdWords B2B Keyword Search Marketing programs 11-36

• Impressions and Low Click-Through Rates 11-36

• Conversions 11-37

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