Unit 10: Video and Multimedia
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Video and Multimedia: Using the Power of Spoken Words and Moving Images to Sell Your Company's Products

Typical Video and Multimedia Applications 10-1

• High-End Vs. “Industrial” Video Projects 10-3

• The Desktop Video Revolution 10-4

The Video Producer 10-5

• How to Evaluate the Producer’s Demo Reel 10-6

• How to be Your Own Executive Producer 10-6

• Decide on Your Video Project’s Application and Goals 10-7

Web Video 10-7

• Uses for Web Video in B2B Marketing 10-8

• Production Techniques for Web Video 10-9

Every Effective Web Video Begins With a Great Script 10-10

• Web Video Script Structure 10-10

• Visuals and Production Techniques for Web Video 10-11

Trade Show Booth Videos 10-12

Sales Videos 10-12

Video News Releases 10-13

Writing The Script: What Marketing Managers Should Know 10-14

• What to Look for in a Video Script 10-15

• Basic Sales Video Script Structure 10-21

Your Video Production Checklist: Executing Video Projects 10-22

Basic Elements of a Video Project 10-22

The Final Edit: Working with a Video Producer 10-24

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