Unit 13: E-Mail Lead Development: Execution
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Lead Development Programs: Executing Effective E-Mail Messaging with Integrated Lead Development Programs

Timing and Scheduling of E-Mail Message Transmissions 13-2

Scheduled And Ad Hoc, “Spot” Transmissions By Sales Reps 13-2

• Examples of “Triggering Events” that Increase Selling Opportunities 13-2

• Marketing’s Response to “Triggering Events” in the Lead Development Process 13-3

Scheduled E-Mail Message Transmissions 13-5

• Editorial E-Mail Content 13-5

• E-Mail Prospect Newsletters 13-5

Targeted or Scheduled Promotional E-Mail Announcements 13-7

Sequenced Autoresponder E-Mail Message Transmissions 13-8

• Sequenced Autoresponder Applications for B2B Lead Development Programs 13-9

• Sequenced Autoresponder Programs: Factors to Consider 13-10

• Content Selection Decisions for Sequenced Autoresponder Mailings 13-11

Managing, Measuring, and Adapting Your E-Mail Messaging Programs 13-13

Creating an E-Mail Messaging Schedule for Your E-Mail Messaging Program 13-13

Execution of E-Mail Messaging Programs 13-15

Targeting Content to Prospects Throughout Your Company’s Sales Cycle 13-17

Tracking and Measuring Your E-Mail Messaging Program 13-18

• Common E-Mail Measurements 13-18

• Deliverability Rate 13-18

• Open Rate 13-19

• Click-Through Rate 13-19

• Forms Completion (or Download) Rate 13-20

• Opt-In Rate or Unsubscribe Rate 13-21

• Observing, Assessing, and Comparing Key E-Mail Measurement Rates 13-21

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