Unit 2: on-demand CRM and Your Marketing Plan
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on-demand CRM and Your Marketing Plan: Integrating on-demand CRM to Business-to-Business Marketing Programs, Methods, and Media

Integrating Your Marketing Program and Aligning Its Objectives to on-demand CRM 2-1

Two Essential Elements of Business-to-Business Marketing Plans in The New Marketing Model 2-4

How Marketing Tools and Media Integrate With on-demand CRM 2-4

• Direct Mail 2-4

• Print Display Advertising 2-5

• Trade Shows 2-6

• Web Sites and Keyword Search Advertising 2-7

• E-Mail Message Programs 2-8

Field Marketing for Sales Support 2-8

Tracking and Measuring Response to Your Marketing Program Using on-demand CRM 2-10

Lead Tracking by Campaign in on-demand CRM 2-10

Overview of Key Marketing Measurements Used in on-demand CRM 2-12

• Response Rate 2-14

• Cost-per-Lead 2-14

• Return on Investment (ROI) 2-15

• Lifetime Value of a Customer 2-15

• Other Key Marketing Measurements 2-15

Marketing Professional’s Checklist for Creating a Campaign Using on-demand CRM 2-17

1.) Creating a New Campaign 2-17

2.) Importing Leads to a Campaign 2-19

3.) Set up Campaign Tracking Features 2-19

4.) Export Leads or Contacts to a Mailing List (for Direct Mail Projects) 2-22

5.) Execute Your Campaign, and Track, Measure, and Assess Campaign Response 2-23

Marketer’s Action Plan: Six Steps to Effective Marketing Execution Utilizing Campaigns in on-demand CRM 2-24

1.) Create Your Plan 2-25

2.) Plan for Measurement 2-26

3.) Execute 2-27

4.) Track, Measure, Monitor, and Assess 2-27

5.) Evaluate, Adapt, and Improve 2-28

6.) Follow Through 2-28

How this Workbook is Organized: Overview of Main Workbook Sections 2-29

Professional Development for Business-to-Business Marketing Professionals 2-30

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