Unit 1: on-demand CRM and The New Marketing Model™
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Introduction: on-demand CRM and The New Marketing Model™

Objectives of this Training and Certification Program 1-2

on-demand CRM: A Tool for Improving Productivity, Efficiency, and Measurability in Sales and Marketing 1-3

Major Benefits of on-demand CRM to the Business-to-Business Sales and Marketing Process 1-6

• Efficient New Processes Expose Old Inefficiencies 1-6

• Better Measurement is Contagious 1-7

• Often, the Problem Isn’t Lack of Measurement, It’s Poor Sales Response 1-7

Lead Development: After a Lead is Generated, It Must Be Developed, With the Help of Marketing Professionals 1-8

A Streamlined Process Becomes a Faster Process, Raising Expectations for Better Marketing Execution 1-10

The “Sales/Marketing Disconnect” 1-10

The New Marketing Model™ 1-11

on-demand CRM and the New Marketing Model: Core Principles 1-12

1.) Knowledge of the Tradecraft of Marketing Execution 1-12

2.) Owning the Skills of Effective Marketing Execution 1-13

3.) Marketing Aligned with Sales 1-14

4.) Partnering with Sales by Executing Effective Lead Development Programs 1-15

5.) Using Clear Presentation in Lead Generation and Lead Development 1-17

6.) Using “Show What You Know” to Establish Thought Leadership and Unique Positioning for Your Company and Its Product 1-18

Functional Areas Where Marketing is Integrated With on-demand CRM 1-18

1.) Tracking and Measuring Sales Response from Marketing Programs (on-demand CRM Campaigns) 1-19

2.) Manual and Online Lead Capture (on-demand CRM Web-to-Lead); 1-21

3.) Online Storage and Distribution of Sales Support Marketing Deliverables (on-demand CRM Document Library) 1-21

4.) Executing, Tracking, and Measuring Lead Development Programs (Third-party E-Mailers and on-demand CRM Reports) 1-22

5.) Produce, Execute, Measure, and Assess Keyword Search Advertising (on-demand CRM and Google AdWords) 1-23

6.) Plan, Schedule, and Monitor Progress of Execution of Marketing Programs (on-demand CRM Activity Planner) 1-24

It All Starts With a Lead 1-24

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