Unit 6: Direct Mail Testing
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Direct Mail Testing: Reducing Risk and Expense in Your Company's Direct Mail Projects

Figure 6-14: Adding a New Campaign Formula Field in on-demand CRM, from the CRM Field Marketing Handbook

Typical Mailing Tests 6-2

• When to Test 6-3

• Deciding What to Test 6-3

• Your Testing Benchmarks 6-4

• Testing Sample Sizes: How Small is Too Small and How Big is Too Big? 6-5

• Minimum List Sample Size 6-5

• Finding List Sample Sizes: The “Statistics Professor” Method 6-5

• The “Real World” Sampling Method 6-6

• List-Testing and Sampling: A Typical Example 6-8

Planning Your Direct Mail Test Program 6-10

• Selecting Mailing Lists to Test 6-10

• “Nth-Name” Mailing List Selection 6-11

• Testing Direct Mail Packages 6-11

• Testing Different Promotional Offers 6-12

• Preparing Your Direct Mail Test 6-12

• Create a Test Panel Matrix 6-12

• Key-Coding Your Direct Mail Pieces 6-12

• Developing a Key Code System for Your Mailings 6-13

• Where to Print Key Codes 6-14

• Developing Procedures for Collecting and Reporting Key Codes 6-15

Marketing Professional’s Checklist for Creating a Direct Mail Test Using on-demand CRM 6-16

1.) Creating a New Campaign Type to Track Mailing List Tests in on-demand CRM 6-17

2.) Add an Actual Response Calculation Field to Your Campaign Records 6-19

3.) Create a Key Code Field 6-22

4.) Create a New Campaign for Each Mailing List Test and Import or Assign Each Mailing List to Each Campaign 6-22

5.) Capture Responses as they are Received from Your Test Mailings 6-23

6.) Set Up on-demand CRM Reporting Features to Track and Measure Your Test Mailings 6-24

Developing a Response Curve for Your Mailings 6-24

Analyzing Results of Your Test Mailings 6-29

Direct Mail Troubleshooting: What To Do If Your Test Mailings Fail 6-31

Testing is a Continuous Process: Test Always, and Test Often 6-34

Rolling Out: Scaling Up Your Mailings After Your Direct Mail Tests 6-34

Scaling Up: Determining Your Range of Response to a Mailing 6-34

Test Mailing Rollouts: How Many Pieces to Mail Next? 6-35

Extending Your Direct Mail Program: Timing and Execution 6-37

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