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MTP: The Marketing Turnaround Process

Re-Engineering Business-to-Business Marketing Programs for Effective Lead Generation, Sales Support, and Faster Lead Conversion: Recession and Crisis Marketing Turnaround Process for Companies Serving B2B Markets
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Benefits to
Your Company:

Higher sales, through:

More productive marketing programs generating more
sales leads;

More efficient, affordable marketing processes to qualify and convert these leads into customers;

Higher sales close rates, through effective lead development;

Better marketing execution, to grow your business

CEOs, Senior Sales and Marketing Executives:

• Is your sales team complaining they aren’t getting enough qualified leads from marketing, and that marketing isn’t supporting sales?

• Are you finding it difficult to effectively identify and close on new marketing, sales, and business development opportunities in this new selling environment?

• In the current economy, has your marketing budget become a drain on your company that isn’t producing measurable returns?

MTP Program Benefits:

Flexible: Applicable to most B2B marketing and sales environments

Fast: measurable results and a proven new direction for your marketing program
in 60-90 days

Decisive: Rapid-cycle testing and execution helps you determine the best messaging, media, and marketing approaches for productive sales lead generation

Complete: Our team executes all of the steps required to re-structure and launch your new marketing program

Affordable: Cost-effective re-structuring to generate measurable returns from your marketing budget

Marketing Consulting Services from BMI:
B2B Marketing Solutions: Outsourced B2B Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Marketing Automation Services

Changing economic conditions in companies serving business-to-business markets means “marketing as usual” no longer works for many companies. A down economy exposes costly, unaccountable marketing programs that generate insufficient sales leads, and fail to support the sales team’s efforts to close sales.

In this economic climate, there is clearly a need for a better way: An approach to marketing focused on strong, measurable sales lead generation, with specialized marketing programs that help your sales team convert more prospects to buyers, in less time.

The MTP program, available from BMI Marketing Solutions, helps your company adapt its marketing program to this new economic reality, by re-orienting your marketing team to focus on growing your business by serving sales.

Better Sales Lead Generation and More Effective Prospect Conversions

In the current economic environment, “branding” approaches and other soft, unmeasurable marketing programs that aren’t connected to the goal of generating leads and closing sales will not

The MTP program is a complete, affordable, start-to-finish restructuring of your marketing program, providing you with all of the elements required for productive, measurable sales lead generation, lead development, and prospect-to-customer conversion: Marketing plans and budgets, new, tested, and proven marketing deliverables, customized, tactical marketing schedules, processes and procedures—everything your company needs to implement a more productive marketing program in this more challenging B2B marketing environment

be effective in helping your company grow (or even maintain) its sales revenues.

The MTP program adapts business-to-business marketing programs to this new reality, re-engineering your company’s marketing process, and optimizing it to the core functions needed for survival in today’s environment: Effective sales lead generation, dramatically improved prospect-to-customer conversions through focused lead development, and more responsive marketing support for new business growth opportunities.

Your Marketing Program, Restructured for Sales Success

The MTP program is custom-tailored to your company’s product, industry, and market, and can be implemented from start to finish in 60-90 days to restructure your marketing program for success in this tough new economic environment.

Through the MTP program, we assess, test, measure, and adapt your company’s marketing program, determining the best mix of sales copy presentation, media, deliverables, and marketing methods required for building marketing programs that generate measurable returns by generating leads for sales, transforming your marketing from a costly drag on revenues, to an effective, measurable, and accountable investment in higher sales.

Where needed, the MTP program also includes full Business Marketing Institute training and certification for your marketing team, to reinforce the skills, techniques, and knowledge gained by your team during the MTP re-engineering process, and to insure your team’s ongoing effectiveness in executing successful, response-generating marketing programs.

MTP Converts Your B2B Marketing Program from a Cost Center into an Investment in Higher Sales and Business Growth

The MTP program helps your company optimize its business-to-business marketing program for more effective lead generation and lead development in today’s markets, where your potential customers need better and more convincing motivation to overcome their inertia, and to buy from your company, and not from your competitors.

Through effective sales lead generation, MTP-enabled marketing programs become instrumental to your new business development and sales processes and, incorporating responsive lead development, help your sales team convert more prospects to customers, in less time.

By developing a more effective marketing program with MTP, your company can hold the line on its sales volume, and position itself to make the most of opportunities to grow your business, even in this challenging economy.

For More Information

For more information on the MTP program and BMI Marketing Solutions outsourced marketing consulting services, contact Eric Gagnon, Director, BMI, at: (540) 349-2438, or by e-mail:


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