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Instructions for Using the CRM-FM System: FM-A • FM-B • FM-C

The CRM-FM system consists of three Web-based modules, accessible from your own BMI training account:

CRM Field Marketing Assessment (FM-A): An initial assessment designed to provide a benchmark of the user's existing knowledge of basic “mission critical” principles and skills required for utilizing on-demand CRM in business-to-business marketing programs. FM-A consists of 82 questions organized in 5 units;

CRM Field Marketing Skills Builder (FM-B): FM-B is a comprehensive training program in the practical skills, techniques, and principles required to utilize on-demand CRM in business-to-business marketing planning, execution, and measurement. FM-B consists of 583 questions organized in 15 units, and is accompanied by a print study guide,
The CRM Field Marketing Handbook
, utilized with the online FM-B skill-building module, and with FM-C certification (below);

CRM Field Marketing Certification (FM-C): FM-C certifies knowledge of the basic skills required for the effective execution of business-to-business marketing programs utilizing on-demand CRM. FM-C consists of 396 questions organized in 15 units.

sfm screens
The CRM-FM System: FM-A assessment (left), FM-B skill-builder (center), and FM-C Certification (right)

Using the CRM-FM System

The CRM-FM system is designed to be taken in the order of the modules above:

You must complete module FM-A before beginning FM-B, and you must complete each of the 15 units in FM-B at least once to reach a final FM-B score before starting final FM-C certification.

Print Study Guide Workbook

The CRM Field Marketing Handbook, a 510-page desktop reference for business-to-business marketing professionals in companies using on-demand CRM, is the master study guide for the FM-B and FM-C modules of the MSA/B/C system, and is included when you order the CRM-FM system.

While we strongly recommend you read, study, and utilize The CRM Field Marketing Handbook while using the FM-B skill-building and FM-C certification modules, we also recommend that you do not refer to the workbook while taking the initial FM-A module, since this assessment is intended to serve only as an initial measure of your marketing- and on-demand CRM-related knowledge level prior to reviewing these study materials.

Your initial FM-A score, which is not counted in either your FM-B or final certification score, is only a benchmark that serves as a useful basis to measure the degree of improvement accomplished once you obtain final scores on the FM-B and FM-C modules.

The entire content of The CRM Field Marketing Handbook is accessible by clicking the “Study Guide” tab on your Training Home screen, or the links on the left-hand sidebar while using the FM-B skill-building module. This online book reader is most useful for quickly accessing specific chapters and sub-topics from the book, to answer questions you may have on specific topic areas covered in the book.

Answering Questions in the CRM-FM System

SFM Questions Screen
CRM-FM Questions Screen: Select your desired answer, click next (or press Return/Enter) to advance to the next question. Mouse over any square question icon (inset, below) to preview a question (shown at the bottom of the screen), or click an icon to advance to any other question in a unit

All modules of the CRM-FM system are multiple-choice format, consisting of a question or incomplete statement, followed by three possible answers.

Carefully read each question, and each possible answer. Select the answer which you think is the BEST answer to the question being asked, or which correctly completes the incomplete statement given.

You can skip any question, preview, or advance to any other question in a unit by moving your cursor over each question icon at the bottom of the screen while answering questions in a unit, or by clicking any question icon at the bottom of the screen to skip ahead to that question.

When you have answered all questions in an CRM-FM unit, click the save/exit button to save your answers and return to your Training Home screen.

Answering questions in the initial FM-A assessment: Do not refer to the print study guide workbook when answering questions in the FM-A assessment module. Read every question carefully, and use your best judgement to select what you believe to be the best answer from the choices given. The purpose of the FM-A is to provide a measurement of your initial, baseline knowledge of material related to business-to-business marketing topics and on-demand CRM. Also, remember that your score on FM-A stands alone and is not counted in either the FM-B or FM-C certification modules.

The Explanation Window

All questions utilized in the CRM-FM system are drawn from The CRM Field Marketing Handbook, and citations to reference background source information used to develop each question are presented in the pop-up explanation window (by chapter, page and paragraph reference), after clicking on the Review link in the FM-B and FM-C modules, after each unit is completed.

Results/Review and Explanation Screens

Once you’ve completed any unit in FM-A, FM-B, or FM-C, you can review your incorrectly-answered questions by clicking the Review link to the left of any unit.

For each unit (and two re-takes for each unit) in FM-B, explanations providing additional information that is useful for correctly answering the incorrectly-answered question is displayed, including a reference citation to relevant content in the printed workbook for each question.

SFM Explanations Screen

CRM-FM Explanation Screens: Click on the review link (top) to view incorrectly answered questions in any CRM-FM module. In the results/review screen (below, left), click on any question to view the answer given and the reference citation for the question from The CRM Field Marketing Handbook, shown in the pop-up explanations screen (below, right). Explanation paragraphs providing additional learning detail on incorrectly-answered questions are provided on the second and third re-takes of each unit in the FM-B skill-building module

Use these explanation windows in FM-B to help you learn the underlying context and reasons why the correct answer is correct, and why the given answer is incorrect.

While each unit in the initial FM-A assessment and FM-C certification can only be taken once, You can re-take any unit in the FM-B skill-building module up to two additional times. Re-taking FM-B units to improve your score helps you master the material in the CRM-FM system, and builds confidence prior to taking FM-C certification.

Question Randomization

The first time you take each unit in FM-B, the questions for that unit are displayed in "book order," that is, based on the order of the content covered in the printed The CRM Field Marketing Handbook. To build your knowledge of the content of the study guide, questions in the second and third re-takes of the FM-B skill-builder are then displayed in random order for each of the two subsequent re-tries for every unit.

Questions are also randomized out of this "book order" within each unit in final FM-C certification.

How Scores are Calculated

Final scores for all three modules are calculated as a simple average of their individual unit scores. For re-takes of a unit in FM-B, averages are calculated for the first unit taken, and for each completed retake. If you start answering questions on a re-take of an FM-B unit and do not complete it, a score will not be calculated for this incomplete unit, and this incomplete unit will not be counted in your final FM-B score, as long as you answer all of the questions for each FM-B unit at least once.

Once You Have Certified . . .

FM-C certification requires a passing score of 90%. Once you complete every unit in the FM-C module, BMI will be verify your final score, and we will report your final score to you.

For Additional Help . . .

If you need additional help on using the CRM-FM system, or any questions or technical issues, please contact us at BMI:, or call us at: (312) 371-5663